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Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems are innovative, high capacity, cost effective public transit systems that improve regional mobility by using buses on a dedicated guideway. BRT systems transport passengers to their destinations swiftly while offering system flexibility to meet changing transit demands.

BRT provides many benefits to a community, with positive impacts to businesses, professionals, residents, families and community groups, including:

An Enjoyable, Stress-Free Ride -  Equipped with WiFi, riders can take advantage of their travel on BRT vehicles, using their time to do something more productive than driving, or to just relax. The CTfastrak system uses low-floor buses that are easy to board and comfortable to ride. CTfastrak stations have platforms at the same height as bus doorways, providing passengers with level boarding.

Efficient and Reliable Travel - Operating on a dedicated guideway, BRT systems are able to operate at speeds that are faster than conventional buses moving on regular roads with other traffic. BRT typically delivers shorter travel times than traditional buses, and often shorter than the equivalent automobile commute.

Convenience - With fast, frequent and direct service from local communities to popular destinations, CTfastrak offers a safe and worry-free ride to busy commuters and other travelers.

Flexibility - Many riders are able to travel to their destinations with a "one-seat" ride. Even travelers located many miles away from the CTfastrak corridor are able to use express transit routes that travel on the dedicated CTfastrak guideway to swiftly transport them to their destination.

Economic Development Opportunities - Accompanied by complementary land use and zoning policies consistent with transit-oriented development, CTfastrak is helping to positively transform the central Connecticut economy and local neighborhoods into more appealing destinations to live and work.

Environmentally-Friendly Service - The CTfastrak vehicles are clean diesel-electric hybrids. The transit service replaces the need for thousands of daily automobile trips on Connecticut roads and highways. As a result, the CTfastrak system helps achieve better air quality and other positive environmental goals.

Multi-Use Trail - A new 5 mile multi-use recreational trail runs along the southern half of the dedicated CTfastrak guideway, enabling residents to bike, run or walk to local destinations as well as use the trail for recreation.

Stronger Job Climate - Construction of the CTfastrak system sustained more than 600 construction jobs. Over 90% of the construction workers were Connecticut residents. In addition, because people are able to use CTfastrak to reach a variety of regional locations, they may also be able to consider job opportunities that are farther from home—ones they might not have been able to reach without CTfastrak. This means that growing businesses will be able to recruit from farther away, too. Employers can find the right people, and people can find their perfect jobs.