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What is a "One Seat Ride"?

CTfastrak makes travel for work, school, entertainment and shopping in central Connecticut dramatically faster and easier by offering riders the convenience of direct service to their destination without the need to transfer.

This One Seat Ride service plan is possible through a new system of transit routes – including express commuter routes, as well as local, connector and circulator routes – to link key employers, neighborhoods and activity centers with CTfastrak. The One Seat Ride service plan includes:

  • New commuter express service routes to downtown Hartford from Waterbury and improved commuter express service from Cheshire and Southington. These routes primarily serve long-distance commuters and operate between the Waterbury Metro-North train station, park-and-ride lots along I-84, downtown New Britain and downtown Hartford. Commuter service uses I-84, Route 72 and the CTfastrak guideway for a fast ride to downtown New Britain and Hartford – and loops through downtown Hartford, as well as Asylum Hill and Capitol Hill, to conveniently deliver commuters near their workplace.
  • New local shuttle routes, which operate along the CTfastrak guideway and provide continuing direct service to major activity and employment centers away from the main route:
    • A New Britain to Hartford shuttle provides the primary service on CTfastrak guideway, with a 20-minute connection between the two downtown areas. This service operates much like a light rail line, with frequent service from early morning until late at night, seven days a week. Once in Hartford, the shuttle loops through downtown, making frequent stops to provide convenient, direct access to riders’ destinations.
    • A Bristol to Hartford shuttle also operates on CTfastrak guideway, and continues beyond New Britain to downtown Bristol. This route has the same frequency of service and hours of operation as the New Britain to Hartford shuttle, and together these routes form the primary service along CTfastrak .
    • Two new routes providing direct service to Westfarms Mall, UConn Health, and CCSU from downtown Hartford and New Britain, using CTfastrak guideway between the Elmwood Station and downtown Hartford.

Each of these new routes allow riders the speed of using a new, dedicated roadway for transit service, combined with the convenience of direct service to their destinations.

Additionally, several new connector and circulator routes connect to CTfastrak, providing an easy transfer to link riders from their neighborhoods to major destinations throughout the region.

  • A CCSU Connector shuttle loops through Central Connecticut State University and uses CTfastrak between stations at Cedar and East Street. This shuttle is an addition to the new direct service between CCSU and downtown Hartford and New Britain via CTfastrak.
  • The Hospitals-Capitol Connector shuttles employees, patients and visitors from the CTfastrak Sigourney Street station to St. Francis and Hartford Hospitals, and also provides convenient shuttle service to the Capitol Hill and Asylum Hill areas.
  • The West Hartford-Bishops Corner Connector links Flatbush Station with West Hartford Center and Bishop’s Corner and provides a new north-south route to the west of downtown Hartford.
  • The Newington Circulator connects with the downtown New Britain, Newington Junction and Cedar Street CTfastrak stations, and circulates throughout Newington to provide access to local shopping, recreation, medical facilities and other activities.

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