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CTfastrak Ticket Vending Machine ctfastrak ticket vending machineTo speed boarding, CTfastrak requires riders to pay prior to boarding the bus. So when the bus pulls up to the station platform, all doors open and riders can simply walk on board the bus. No need to wait at the farebox to put your money in the farebox.

Local fares on CTfastrak are the same as CTtransit buses:

  • $1.75 allows you to ride for 2-hours with free transfers to other local buses. 
  • $0.85 for seniors (age 65 and older) and people with disabilities (proper ID required).
More information on reduced fare requirements is available here.
Express fares on CTfastrak are distance based, zone based cost are available here.
Additional information for purchasing & using fares on CTfastrak is available here.

Periodic checks by fare inspectors will ensure that the correct fare is paid with a fine of $75 for fare evasion. Your proof of payment is your CTfastrak ticket or CTtransit transfer.

Local Fares


For all local fares and reduced fare requirements visit www.cttransit.com/fares

Express Fares

new ctfastrak fare new ctfastrak express fare CTFASTRAK EXPRESS FARE CTTRANSIT EXPRESS FARE EXPRESS FARE


You can use your existing CTtransit tickets and passes on CTfastrak routes. If you don’t already have one, you can purchase a ticket in a number of ways:

  • CTtransit website. Ticket purchase available via postal service. All types of tickets are available here.
  • Participating Stop & Shop grocery stores. A variety of ticket types are available at specific Stop & Shop stores. A list of the participating stores and the types of tickets sold are available here.
  • Statehouse Square CTtransit customer service and sales outlet. All types of tickets are available at Statehouse Square. More information is available here
  • Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) Located at all CTfastrak stations. TVMs sell 2-hour tickets for local and express services and all day passes for local services.

Using a CTfastrak Ticket Vending Machine

  1. Select Ticket Type
    Tickets available from the Ticket Vending Machines include regular fares, discounted youth and senior / disabled fares for the following types of tickets: 2-hours, all day (unlimited rides for the day of service), and distance-based Express (2-hours).
  2. Insert Cash or Card
    Credit and debit cards are accepted. If using cash, exact fare is required as the ticket vending machines do not give change.
  3. Take Ticket
    Do not forget your ticket! Fare inspectors may ask for your ticket any time you are within the paid fare zone – either on the platform or on the bus. If you are planning to transfer to another bus, keep your ticket with you. Your ticket is valid until the expiration time shown on the ticket and can be used on any local CTfastrak or CTtransit bus.

NOTE: If you are boarding in a location without a ticket vending machine, you can purchase a 2-hour pass or an all-day pass on board the bus at the farebox (cash purchase, exact change). Be sure to ask your driver for a transfer, which is your proof of payment and a ticket to ride as many times as you want within two hours CTtransit or CTfastrakTickets purchased at the ticket vending machines are only valid for the day of purchase.